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SureFire To Show New Weapon Light At SHOT Show

From SureFire:

SureFire, LLC, manufacturer of the world’s finest—and most innovative—illumination tools and tactical products, will be launching its brand-new XC2 at the 2017 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. The XC2 is the next evolution of SureFire’s game changing, ultra-compact pistol lights and builds upon the success of its predecessor, the XC1. It features the same impressive 200-lumen output as the XC1, but also has a 635nm highly visible red-laser. The addition of this laser in conjunction with its 200-lumen white light, makes the XC2 the ultimate compact accessory for concealed-carry. The XC2’s momentary and constant-on switches also feature improved ergonomics, further improving the weaponlight’s overall performance.

Now those who carry concealed not only have the capability to positively identify threats, but also improved low-light target acquisition and the ability to fire from non-standard shooting positions.

To see the XC2, and other brand-new products by SureFire, stop by the SureFire booth (#13968), located on the second level of the main hall of the Sands Expo Center during the 2017 NSSF SHOT Show, January 17 – 20.

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First AWACS With Digital Intstruments

From Defense Media:

Boeing delivered the first of 14 E-3A Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS) aircraft with cockpit upgrades to NATO earlier this week.

The Communication Navigation Surveillance/Air Traffic Management (CNS/ATM) digital flight deck and avionics enhancements bring the aircraft into compliance with current and future air traffic control and navigation requirements along with other upgrades, and allows the flight crew to be reduced by one.

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Concealed Carry Jacket

From KitUp:

“The Echo One One Jacket features the U.S. Patented Adder System for quick and effective draw capability,” according to a recent press release. “Ambidextrous concealed carry pockets allow the wearer to completely conceal full-frame pistols and access them with lightning speed.”

The MOLLE and Velcro grid system in the Adder System Pockets ensure a secure foundation for holsters and accessories.

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Triggersafe For AR-15 Rifles

The Triggersafe is a simple cover for the AR-15 series of rifles that easily snaps on and off.

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Why Carry A Revolver?

From USA Carry:

Beginner friendly

Revolvers are great for first-time gun owners because they are simple to operate. For Double Action Only (DAO) revolvers, there is nothing to mess up once it’s loaded. Simply point to the target and fire. For SA/DA revolvers, there is the simplicity of DAO action with the option of single action tight shooting.

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Wilson Combat’s New Q-Comp

From Wilson Combat:


1/2″ x 28  (5.56/.223)

5/8″ x 24  (6.8, 300, .308, .338)

11/16″ x 24 (.458 SOCOM)

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Smooth Mosin Bolt

From IV8888:

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Barrett Donates Rifles To Every Sheriff In Tenn.

From Barrett Firearms:


Barrett Firearms Donates Rifles to Every Tennessee County Sheriff Office or Department

(Sevierville, TN) At the Tennessee Sheriffs’ Association Annual Conference & Exhibition today, Barrett Firearms President Chris Barrett, shown photographed with Robertson County Sheriff Bill Holt, announced that his company is donating 95 Barrett REC7 DI rifles, one to each Tennessee county sheriff’s office or department.

“When the Barrett story is told, folks usually talk about the civilian shooters and militaries around the world that have chosen Barrett long-range precision rifles for more than three decades. Less-often mentioned is my father’s background as a county sheriff’s deputy, our 5.56 carbines and rifles, and the countless law enforcement agencies that choose Barrett. We want to highlight that legacy and show our strong support for law enforcement by donating these Barrett REC7 DI rifles to the sheriffs in our state,” Mr. Barrett said during remarks at the conference.

“As lifelong Tennesseans and builders of the Barrett Model 82A1/M107, the ‘Official State Rifle of the State of Tennessee,’ we are proud to build every one of these rifles in Tennessee. We believe that the sheriffs can use these rifles as they enforce the laws around this great state.”


About Barrett Firearms Manufacturing, Inc.

Barrett is a family-owned and -operated company and the world leader in large-caliber rifle design and manufacturing. Barrett products are used by civilian sport shooters, law enforcement agencies, the United States military, and more than 70 U.S. Department of State-approved countries across the world.


About the Tennessee Sheriffs’ Association

The Tennessee Sheriffs’ Association promotes better and more effective law enforcement; maintains a high level of ethical conduct on the part of all sheriffs, their deputies and their jail administrators; provides a forum for the exchange of knowledge and experience among all sheriffs; establishes the highest degree of cooperation among the law-enforcing agencies in the State of Tennessee; brings the sheriffs of the various counties into close association and to promote cooperation in the conduct of the laws of Tennessee pertaining to the apprehension and prosecution of persons violating the laws of Tennessee; improves and encourages greater efficiency in the administration of sheriffs’ offices and to protect the welfare and interest of the members of the association.



Erin Kennedy  Marketing Director

Barrett® PO Box 1077 Murfreesboro, TN 37133

615.896.2938 *283 T   615.896.7313 F

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Choosing A Strong Password Is Easier Than You Think

From EFF:

Randomly-generated passphrases offer a major security upgrade over user-chosen passwords. Estimating the difficulty of guessing or cracking a human-chosen password is very difficult. It was the primary topic of my own PhD thesis and remains an active area of research. (One of many difficulties when people choose passwords themselves is that people aren’t very good at making random, unpredictable choices.)

Measuring the security of a randomly-generated passphrase is easy. The most common approach to randomly-generated passphrases (immortalized by XKCD) is to simply choose several words from a list of words, at random. The more words you choose, or the longer the list, the harder it is to crack. Looking at it mathematically, for k words chosen from a list of length n, there are kn possible passphrases of this type. It will take an adversary about kn/2 guesses on average to crack this passphrase. This leaves a big question, though: where do we get a list of words suitable for passphrases, and how do we choose the length of that list?

In general choosing four five-letter words is better than one long word with number substitutions and some weird characters thrown in. It’s easier to remember and vastly harder for a computer to guess.

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How To Store Guns

From Hickock45:

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Luxury Purses For Concealed Carry

Beau and Arrow has a range of purses and totes form women who carry guns.

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Academy Sports Caves to Pressure from Liberals, Pulls AR-15s

Academy Sports needs to show some backbone.

They’re a Texas family-owned company, I heard online that they were pulling ARs off the shelves under pressure from the Left, and I went to one in Arlington Texas to see for myself.

Yep, they pulled all their AR-15s from the display.

I talked to the manager, I was calm and polite, but I said, “You’re a Texas company. You have a responsibility to your customers, to Texas and to America. Show a little backbone. Don’t just cave at the first bit of pressure. I have six kids. I used to buy shoes and clothes here for my family. I’ll be shopping elsewhere. Please relay this message to those in charge.”

The manager said, “Well, we still sell ARs …”



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New IWI X95

From Military Arms Channel:

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Truck Gun: Custom .22 Magnum

Richard Mann’s truck gun:

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Daniel Defense 300 Blackout

New defensive rounds from Daniel Defense.

Press Release

Spec Sheet


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