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First AWACS With Digital Intstruments

From Defense Media:

Boeing delivered the first of 14 E-3A Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS) aircraft with cockpit upgrades to NATO earlier this week.

The Communication Navigation Surveillance/Air Traffic Management (CNS/ATM) digital flight deck and avionics enhancements bring the aircraft into compliance with current and future air traffic control and navigation requirements along with other upgrades, and allows the flight crew to be reduced by one.

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Boeing/Saab Release New Trainer

From CBS St. Louis:

Boeing has worked with Saab on the design, which the companies say “takes advantage of the latest technologies, tools and manufacturing techniques and is designed to evolve as technologies, missions and training needs change.”

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New Air Force One Deal

From The New York Times:

The Defense Department hopes to sign an initial contract with Boeing in the coming weeks to begin the long process of assembling a new presidential aircraft capable of ferrying the commander in chief around the world with the capacity to run a war from midair if necessary. Built on the frame of a Boeing 747-8, it will be bigger, more powerful, able to fly farther and vastly more advanced technologically than the current customized Boeing 747-200B jumbo jet.

“It’s way overdue,” said Joseph W. Hagin, a White House deputy chief of staff under President George W. Bush who initiated plans for a new plane only to see them shelved when the nation’s finances grew precarious. “You can hang new engines on it, you can cram all sorts of new technology on it, but it’s still a very old airplane.”


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E4-Bs To Get Upgraded

From Defense Industry Daily:

In December 2005, the U.S. Air Force awarded Boeing a contract as Product Support Integrator (PSI) for the USAF’s E-4 National Airborne Operations Center external link fleet. These four 747-200 derivatives were introduced in 1974, and serve as complete flying command posts for national and military authorities. As one might imagine, they are hardened to resist the side-effects of nuclear attack, such as electro-magnetic pulse effects.

The 2005 contract was a 5-year, indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity contract vehicle, with one 5-year option and a $2 billion cost cap. It continues a long history of support from Boeing.

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Building of New Air Force Tanker To Begin Soon


Boeing plans to start building components for the first Air Force KC-46A tanker this fall and is looking to begin assembling the first aircraft one year from now.

The Pentagon’s KC-46A selected acquisition report, a document that provides extensive details of the program’s cost and performance, said the company projects the tanker development phase to cost $5.1 billion, which is $300 million above the Defense Department’s $4.8 billion contract ceiling price.

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First Flight of Boeing Phantom Eye

From Military Times:

Boeing said Monday that the 28-minute flight of the Phantom Eye began at 6:22 a.m. Friday. The aircraft reached an altitude of 4,080 feet and a cruising speed of 62 knots before landing at the California desert base.

From Wired’s Danger Room:

The Phantom Eye’s size means the drone can be loaded up with a whopping 450 lbs. of sensors and cameras — which will come in handy for toting the military’s forthcoming spy gear, like Gorgon Stare, designed to spy on “city-size” areas, or the Army’s ARGUS sensor, which collects the equivalent of 79.8 years of video footage each day. Combine that capacity with a lengthy loiter time, and you’ve got a high-flying spy system that can peek on entire cities for days at a time.


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Boeing’s Phantom Ray unmanned airborne system (UAS)

Boeing’s Phantom Ray unmanned airborne system (UAS) is an in-house “one off” technology demonstrator that will serve as a flying test bed for multiple, new, advanced technologies including:

— intel / surveil / recon
— locate / neutralize enemy air defenses
— hunter / killer missions
— electronic warfare
— autonomous aerial refueling

Boeing in-house project:
— designed and developed by Boeing’s Phantom Works division
— uses technologies Boeing pioneered in prototype for Joint-Unmanned Combat Air System (J-UCAS)
— funded and built by Boeing Defense, Space & Security in St. Louis
— no tax dollars used

Length …………………. 36 ft ……….. 10.9 m
Wingspan …………….. 50 ft ……….. 15.2 m
Gross Weight ……….. 36,500 lbs .. 16,556 kg
Operating Altitude …. 40,000 ft ……12,192 m
Cruise Mach … 0.8 … 614 mph ….. 988 km/h
Engine …………………. F404-GE-102D

Project started in 2008
– taxi tests (est): Summer 2010
– first flight (est): December 2010

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Boeing Laser Weapon

Prototype of new Boeing airborne laser

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