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New CPX-4 From SCCY

From The Truth About Guns:

The CPX-4 comes complete with an optimized recoil system, the innovative Roebuck Quad-Lock Technology that promises repeatable accuracy, ambidextrous manual safety, and three 10-round magazines. The biggest improvement from their CPX-1 and CPX-2 (both 9mm) is the noticeably effortless slide by utilizing an optimized recoil spring assembly. Existing SCCY fans and new customers alike will take notice of the easy manipulation when racking their CPX-4 handgun.

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Ruger LCP .380 Review

From My Gun Culture:

The Ruger LCP is a well made pistol and we found that makes a noticeable difference on the range. Yes, it’s technically one of those guns to carry a lot and shoot far less frequently, but we were pleasantly surprised by its ergonomic friendliness over long shooting sessions. No, we would not want to crank off a few hundred rounds of high-pressure self defense ammo at a single sitting, but shooting lower recoil practice loads exhibited a low level of self abuse.


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