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SAS Member Awarded Medal For Acts In Kenya

From The Daily Mail:

An SAS soldier who killed two Islamic militants during a terror attack in Kenya will be given one of the UK’s highest honours.
He will be awarded a Conspicuous Gallantry Cross, a bravery medal second only to a Victoria Cross, for his response to gun and grenade attack by al-Shabaab terrorists on the DusitD2 hotel in Nairobi on January 15.

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Insurgency and the Protracted War


By Scott Stewart

In recent weeks, insurgent forces in several countries have been forced to withdraw from territories they once held. Somalia’s al Shabaab, which was pushed out of Mogadishu in October 2011, was ejected from Afmadow on May 30. The group now runs the risk of losing its hold once again on the port city of Kismayo, an important logistical and financial hub for al Shabaab.

In Syria, the Free Syrian Army and other rebel groups were forced out of the city of Idlib and Homs’ Baba Amr district in March. They also withdrew from Al-Haffah on June 13.

Meanwhile in Yemen, al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) has been forced to retreat from towns it took control of last year in southern Abyan province, including Jaar, Shaqra and Zinjibar. The organization controlled the area it seized from the government through its Ansar al-Sharia front organization. AQAP was able to capitalize on the infighting that began in Yemen in 2011 and successfully diverted the government’s focus away from AQAP and other militant groups. But in February, the election of new Yemeni President Abd Rabboh Mansour Hadi allowed the rift created by the infighting to be slowly healed. As a result, a combination of Yemeni soldiers and local tribesmen, backed by U.S. intelligence and fire support, have been able to push back AQAP and Ansar al-Sharia in recent weeks. Read the rest of this entry »

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At Least 30 Killed in Somalia Hotel Attack

Abdirashid Abdulle Abikar/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images The body of a Somali lawmaker was removed form a hotel in Mogadishu on Tuesday after an attack by insurgents. Six lawmakers were among the dead.

NAIROBI, Kenya — Somali insurgents disguised in government military uniforms stormed a Mogadishu hotel on Tuesday and killed at least 30 people, including 6 lawmakers, laying bare how vulnerable Somalia’s government is, even in an area it claims to control.

The insurgents methodically moved room to room, killing hotel guests who tried to bolt their doors shut, Somali officials said. When government forces finally cornered the insurgents, two blew themselves up with suicide vests.

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Failed bomb attempts kill 11 militants in Somalia

(CNN) — Two failed bomb attempts by the Somali Islamist group Al-Shabaab killed 11 militants around Mogadishu, Somalia’s transitional government said Saturday.

In the first incident, militants were working on a car bomb in a house near Shirkole, north of the capital, when the device detonated, killing 10, the government said in a news release Saturday.

Another Al-Shabaab member was killed while planting a roadside bomb on Mogadishu’s Ansaloti bridge, according to the release. Authorities arrested two other individuals suspected of guarding the militant who died.”

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2 women from Rochester, Minnesota charged with supporting Somali terrorist group al-Shabaab.

ST. PAUL, Minn. – Two women from Rochester, Minnesota pleaded not guilty Monday to federal charges of supporting the Somali terrorist group al-Shabaab.

The indictment alleges women and others went door-to-door in Minneapolis, Rochester and elsewhere in the U.S. and Canada to raise funds for al-Shabaab’s operations in Somalia. The indictment says the women raised the money under false pretenses, claiming it would go to the poor and needy, and used fake names for recipients to conceal that the money was going to al-Shabaab.

The indictment alleges Ali and Hassan also raised money by making direct appeals to people in teleconferences “in which they and other speakers encouraged financial contributions to support violent jihad in Somalia.”

During one teleconference, the indictment says, Ali told others “to forget about the other charities” and focus on “the Jihad.”

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U.S. Indicts 14 Accused of Supporting Terrorist Group in Somalia

“WASHINGTON — The Justice Department on Thursday announced the indictment of 14 people — many of them United States citizens — accused of funneling “money, personnel and services” to the Shabab, the Islamist terrorist group fighting an insurgency in Somalia.”

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“Whatever makes them cry, makes us happy” – Sheik Yusuf Sheik Issa, al-Shabab

“Uganda is one of our enemies. Whatever makes them cry, makes us happy. May Allah’s anger be upon those who are against us,”  – Sheik Yusuf Sheik Issa,  al-Shabab commander, in reponse to bombing in Uganda


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Uganda police arrest 20 in bomb attacks

KAMPALA, Uganda —
Uganda’s inspector general of police says 20 suspects have been arrested in connection with the Uganda bomb attacks that killed 76 people watching the World Cup final on television.

Kale Kayihura says that all those arrested have connections with Al Shabab, and include Ugandans, Somalis, Ethiopians and Pakistani nationals. Al Shabab, Somalia’s most dangerous militant group, claimed responsibility for the attacks.,0,1367208.story?track=rss&utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+latimes%2Fmostviewed+%28L.A.+Times+-+Most+Viewed+Stories%29

Response from one who claims to follow the Religion of Peace?

“Uganda is one of our enemies. Whatever makes them cry, makes us happy. May Allah’s anger be upon those who are against us,”  – Sheik Yusuf Sheik Issa,  al-Shabab commander

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Somalian Al-Qaida affiliate Claims Uganda Bomb Attacks

 A Ugandan man lies injured in the emergency ward at the Mulago hospital in Kampala after bombs exploded at two sites in Uganda's capital late Sunday, killing dozens, 12 Jul 2010 -Photo: AP

“Al-Qaida’s affiliate in Somalia, al-Shabab, has taken responsibility for two separate bombings late Sunday in the Ugandan capital, Kampala. The death toll has risen to more than 70 and dozens more remain seriously wounded.”

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