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A Situational Primer For Traveling Abroad

From The Loadout Room:

Do you know where the evacuation place is and the area surrounding it? What should you have with you when you leave your room? What should you do prior to going to sleep to reduce potential threats that might be lurking once you leave your room? Why is it consequential regarding your skin color and why is a religious understanding of the area important? An alarm or occurrences that forced you to leave your hotel room under duress put your mind into an animalistic survival activity, and unless you have a plan, practice, and test it, you could be putting yourself at risk.

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Medical Packs From First Spear

First Spear

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Buckle Has Integrated Firesteel and Whistle

Wazoo Survival Gear has a clever new buckle that incorporates survival tools into the design.

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GORUCK Backpacks

GORUCK bags are made in the United States by a former Special Forces member.

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