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TacPack Monthly Subscription


TacPack customers pay a flat monthly fee of $49.95 and in exchange get a box full of goodies delivered right to their mailbox. The boxes contain all manner of gear related to guns, every day carry and survival with each box’s contents retailing for between $80 and $100. Content changes from month to month, ensuring that consumers get a wide array of products such as slings, spare mags, patches and knives from big names in the biz like Magpul, 5.11 Tactical, Mission First Tactical, Gerber and even Black Rifle Coffee Company to name a few.

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A Situational Primer For Traveling Abroad

From The Loadout Room:

Do you know where the evacuation place is and the area surrounding it? What should you have with you when you leave your room? What should you do prior to going to sleep to reduce potential threats that might be lurking once you leave your room? Why is it consequential regarding your skin color and why is a religious understanding of the area important? An alarm or occurrences that forced you to leave your hotel room under duress put your mind into an animalistic survival activity, and unless you have a plan, practice, and test it, you could be putting yourself at risk.

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Trauma Bandage For EDC

From Kit Up:

“The Flat ETD is packaged in a low cube space, flat folded configuration to reduce its diameter and footprint in kits,” North American Rescue officials maintain. “It consists of a resilient elastic wrap equipped with a sterile non-adherent pad, durable securing device and innovative Quick-Grip Roll Control configuration.”

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FireBox Mini Fire Starter Kit


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