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A Great First Aid Kit For EDC


The My Medic Everyday Carry is meant to be extremely portable. With a pouch height of 5.25″ and a width of 4.75″ it’s compact. At only two inches deep and weighing in at only 8.5 ounces, the size makes it convenient. No way to say it’s too big or you don’t have room for it with this one. On the back are two small straps with snaps. It can be attached through MOLLE loops on a bag, or directly onto your belt, for example.

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How To Build A First Aid Kit

From Recoil:

Deciding what to carry in a medical kit is highly dependent on anticipating the injuries and illnesses you may encounter in a given situation. It’s also dependent on the space available for your gear. After all, the space available when partaking in outdoor activities off the beaten path can be quite limited. You must eliminate unnecessary items so that you can carry other essentials. If you carry a gunshot trauma kit on your person or in a range bag, it’s even more essential that the contents remain compact and free of clutter from unnecessary items.

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