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Extreme Long Range Rifle Class

Extreme Long Range Rifle Class
September 28-30th, 2010- Guernsey, WY

PRW – Extreme Long Range Rifle, September 28-30th, 2010- Guernsey, WY  Bring that .50 BMG, that 300 Win, the .338, or even that tuned 7mm Mag. and shoot out to 1500 yards. Learn about wind calls, long range ballistics and build the ultimate drop chart”.  3 days, includes on base accommodations and food! Round count – minimum 300 but feel free to bring as much as you like, we’ll shoot it. This school is geared towards the long range hunter or target shooter.  If downing an Elk at 500 yards is your goal, we can help. If getting closer to making the elusive ‘mile’ shot is your fancy, we can help there too. Challenge yourself and push that rifle to its limits!  Tuition – $650

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