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Soldier Involved In 17 Bomb Attacks To Receive Award

From The Telegraph:

The soldier, who has been nicknamed “bomb magnet”, has been awarded the Military Cross for his actions after the latest attack, when he helped to coordinate the evacuation of injured soldiers, as well as a senior Afghan general and his men, as he lay wounded on the ground.

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Iran unveils their new bomb: the “Ritard”

“Lots of dictatorships love to parade their military might once a year. But this year’s Iranian “Sacred Defense Week 2010 Military Parade” hosted some of the weirdest-looking weaponry outside of a bad 60’s spy movie. Honestly, when you wheel a bomb marked “Ritard” past the reviewing stand, you’re pretty much guaranteed to be the laughing stock of the rest of the civilized world.”

I would not want to be the Iranian guy who recommended this name.

“Everybody salute, here comes the Ritard.”

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