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Ruger MAX-9

From The Truth About Guns:

With an onboard capacity of 10+1 rounds flush fit and 12+1 rounds extended, Ruger’s new MAX-9 takes aim at the incredibly hot market for micro-compact pistols with double-digit capacities. Equipped with a tritium and fiber optic front sight and an optics-ready slide at an MSRP of just $499 (less on Brownells), the MAX-9 undercuts the competition on features for the dollar.

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Get A Gun You Can Afford


Is it ever okay to buy and carry a cheap or no-name brand gun? Yes. Yes it is okay with a couple caveats. But before I get to the point of this article I’d like to address something else, entirely, that I see all the time that irritates me.

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A Carry Gun Is Meant To Be Carried

From Tamara Keel:

It was at that point in the discussion when a police detective pointed out that at one homicide scene he’d worked, the dead guy was lying there in his underwear in the doorway of his house where he’d been shot. His house had guns stashed all over the place: In drawers, under sofa cushions, long guns propped in corners—it took hours for evidence to find and process all the guns—and there’s the deceased, unarmed and dead in his boxer shorts.

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The Glock 36 As A Carry Gun

A review of the Glock 36 including the pro’s and con’s of shooting and carrying a Glock.

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