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Why Buy A Hi-Point?

From The Truth About Guns:

Hi-Points are to firearms design what Olive Garden is to Italian food. They’ll get the job done and…that’s about it. No surprise, then, that Hi-Point’s guns rarely appear on the top of anyone’s want firearms list. Our reviews have been a mixed bag where HP’s guns are concerned. The C9 pistol didn’t fare well. But the 1095 TS 10mm carbine and the Yeet Cannon G1 did better. But there are at least three good reasons (besides their lifetime warranty) to buy one.

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Get A Gun You Can Afford


Is it ever okay to buy and carry a cheap or no-name brand gun? Yes. Yes it is okay with a couple caveats. But before I get to the point of this article I’d like to address something else, entirely, that I see all the time that irritates me.

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