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CBD and Guns

From The Truth About Guns:

People use these products to treat everything from epilepsy to arthritis. Despite its popularity, it’s very important to realize anything related to cannabis triggers potential criminal liability under both state and federal law.

Many people believe that if CBD oil is legal in their state, then they have nothing to worry about. Unfortunately, this is wrong. If you want to remain a legal gun owner, you should pause before you inhale or consume any product containing CBD oil.
If you’re using CBD oil as a treatment plan or have a medical marijuana prescription, you might inadvertently become classified as an unlawful user under federal law. If you are an unlawful user, you would no longer be legally eligible to purchase, own, possess, or transport firearms.

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Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) Launches Complete Lead Bullet Ban Campaign

“As announced in a recent fundraising letter to its members, the Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) will launch a “once-in-a-lifetime campaign” this summer to “ban all lead bullets everywhere in the United States.” Make no mistake, hunters and shooters are in the crosshairs of this extremist group.

Center for Biological Diversity

…Hunting should not be an activity limited to the wealthy; every hunter is essential to sustaining our great American sporting heritage.Similarly, the recreational shooting that allows gun owners to hone skills and exercise their Second Amendment rights would be dramatically curtailed due to cost increases.  The boxes of .22 long rifle, 9mm and .30-06 that families have shot for generations during trips to the range, the back 40 or at public shooting areas will be priced beyond reach for most.”

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