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Texas To Stop Business With Citigroup Over ESG, Gun Rights

From Bearing Arms:

Citigroup says it’s doing everything right, but Texas says it’s not.

However, in a statement, the NSSF notes that Citigroup’s own website tells a completely different story.

“Their own website, however, demonstrates that the corporate bank refuses business with firearm businesses that do not comply with their unconstitutional restrictions,” the statement reads, noting that the bank requires things such as bump stock bans, age-based restrictions, and magazine restrictions.

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Citigroup Caves To Texas On Gun Stance

From The Truth About Guns:

Citigroup took a key step to restart its public-finance operations in Texas by submitting a letter last month verifying its compliance with the new law.

The bank sent a so-called standing letter to the Texas Attorney General’s office, a requirement for banks if they want to do business with Texas and its local governments after the legislation took effect.

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Citigroup Continues To Discriminate Against Gun Industry

From The Federalist:

Citigroup’s getting asked some hard questions about the fiscal sanity of their decision to discriminate against firearms businesses, and their answers aren’t likely to soothe investors.
Justin Danhof, general counsel for the National Center Public Policy Research and Free Enterprise Project, posed a simple question in a shareholder meeting: “Can you tell us—your investors—exactly how much money we stand to lose because of this decision, and explain why you have this right while Warren Buffet has this wrong?”

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Louisiana Punishes Banks For Anti-Gun Stance

From The Washington Times:

A Louisiana commission voted Thursday to block two banking giants from taking part in a new highway project, moving to punish the companies for gun control policies they adopted after the Parkland, Florida, school shooting this year.

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