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Louisiana Constitutional Carry

From Ammoland:

House Bill number 72 is the “Louisiana Constitutional Carry Act of 2020.” H.B. 72 says that you may carry a concealed firearm unless you are a prohibited person under state and federal law. This is commonly called constitutional carry or permitless carry. In short, if it was legal for you to get a permit and carry in public then the bill allows you to carry in public. If it was illegal for you to carry in public, then it remains illegal for you to carry in public.

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Vigilance Is Key When Carrying

From The Truth About Guns:

Yesterday in Shreveport, Louisiana, a man returned to his home at 3:00pm and was met by two intruders who were attempting a burglary. Fortunately, the homeowner was carrying his gun at the time and was ready to be his own first responder.

The man drew his gun and shot both of the suspects, killing one and wounding the other. The deceased was a 40-year-old man who has not yet been identified. The other suspect, 47-year-old Martin Davenport, was charged with aggravated burglary and booked into Shreveport City Jail.

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Louisiana Punishes Banks For Anti-Gun Stance

From The Washington Times:

A Louisiana commission voted Thursday to block two banking giants from taking part in a new highway project, moving to punish the companies for gun control policies they adopted after the Parkland, Florida, school shooting this year.

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Louisiana Lawmakers Give Themselves More Rights Than Citizens

From KTBS:

State lawmakers would be exempt from many weapons restrictions imposed on the general public, under a bill nearing final legislative passage.

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Gun Confiscation During Katrina

This is one person’s experience during a terrible situation. From The Bang Switch:

Yes, some guns were confiscated in New Orleans, LA (NOLA) following hurricane Katrina, but it was nowhere near as widespread as some would have you believe. They were isolated incidents and the majority of those were done by out of town LEO and MIL.

What you are about to read are my personal experiences and recollection of events as I saw them. While not all-inclusive, I think they lend a fiar account of what really happened on the ground.

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Louisiana Introduces Bill to Allow Lifetime Carry Permit


Prior to the passage of House Bill 265, Louisiana gun owners who wanted to carry a firearm for self-defense outside the home had to renew their concealed carry permit every five years and pay a fee of $125.  Now, though, assuming Gov. Bobby Jindal signs HB 265 into law, gun owners can purchase a lifetime CCW permit for $500 provided they agree to undergo firearm training and education classes every five years.

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Louisiana Proposes Pro-Gun Change To State Constitution


Sen. Neil Riser received backing from the NRA as he pushed the bill through the House, earning a 77-22 vote. A supporter of the bill, Rep. Jay Morris, said, “The right to bear arms is something that’s fundamental. We just need to make sure it stays that way.”


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