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Teens Murdered In Mexico


Carlos Mario Gonzalez Bermudez, 16, was a sophomore at Cathedral High School in El Paso, said Nick Gonzalez, the Roman Catholic brother who is the principal. Another victim, Juan Carlos Echeverri, 15, had been a freshman at the private all-boys Catholic school last year but left to study in Ciudad Juarez, Gonzalez said.

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Ciudad Juarez: a murder every three hours.

“Eighteen persons were murdered in Ciudad Juarez on Tuesday, and there have been 336 homicides in that city during the month of August, a new record. Juarez has now had 2,027 such deaths so far this year.

In contrast, the first monthly record kept, which dates to 1995, shows that 34 persons died in August of that year, and that the entire year’s record of homicides then reached 294. Currently, a homicide takes place every three hours.”

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Violence Rampant in Ciuadad Juarez

Three bodies found among the trash along a road in "Curvas del Perico" executed with multiple gunshots to the head.

“Around-the-clock executions, routine kidnappings, burnings of rural homes, hangings of murder victims from overpasses, scatterings of body parts on public streets, a car bomb, and threats of more violence have all put Ciudad Juarez and the state of Chihuahua on extreme edge.

The violence boils as the administration of Chihuahua Governor Jose Reyes Baeza, state legislature and municipal governments enter their last months in office and prepare to hand over political leadership to others from the same Institutional Revolutionary Party.”

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