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NYT: Banks And Credit Cards Should Refuse Gun Sales

From The New York Times:

For the past year, chief executives have often talked about the new sense of moral responsibility that corporations have to help their communities and confront social challenges even when Washington won’t.

What if the finance industry — credit card companies like Visa, Mastercard and American Express; credit card processors like First Data; and banks like JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo — were to effectively set new rules for the sales of guns in America?

It looks like The New York Times is now pro-big business, if that business is big enough to pressure retailers in to doing what the NYT wants. This is more proof that “liberals” are not liberal and that they will do whatever is necessary to get their way. If big government can’t do it then they will pressure big business to do it. If this succeeds it will set a dangerous precedent.

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Credit Card Company Cancels Gunstore Account For Selling Guns

From Fox News

From Daily Finance:

North Carolina’s Hyatt Gun Shop says that it received an email from saying that it would no longer handle the shop’s online transactions. The company pointed to its long-standing policy against working with merchants who sell firearms.


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McMillan Merchant Solutions

The company that revolutionized stocks has started a credit card processing company. The new company was created after McMillan‘s bank account at Bank of America was abruptly cancelled without explanation.

More information can be found in this article from World Net Daily.

McMillan Merchant Solutions

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