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Credit Card Code Is A “First Step” To Gun Prohibition

From Cam and Company:

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State AGs Warn Credit Card Companies About Guns

From Ammoland:

A coalition of 24 state attorneys general sent a letter warning the CEOs of three major credit card companies that a recently announced Merchant Category Code (MCC) for processing gun purchases “is potentially a violation of consumer protection and antitrust laws.”

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Merchant Code Is A First Step To Gun Registry

From The Truth About Guns:

Andrew Ross Sorkin, a New York Times columnist who proposed this idea years ago, penned a column outlining the “next steps.” That revealed that the pressure campaign by federal lawmakers, state attorneys general, state lawmakers and activist banks on the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) to create a unique MCC for gun retailers was just the beginning.

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Credit Cards and Guns


The refusal of a leading credit card payment handler to process transactions involving legal gun sales is compelling licensed dealers to hunt for alternative credit card systems, and is provoking boycotts by incensed gun enthusiasts who complain of political interference.

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Credit Card Company Cancels Gunstore Account For Selling Guns

From Fox News

From Daily Finance:

North Carolina’s Hyatt Gun Shop says that it received an email from saying that it would no longer handle the shop’s online transactions. The company pointed to its long-standing policy against working with merchants who sell firearms.


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