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The Advantages of the Motorcycle

From Anarchonomicon:

Motorcycle are fast, nimble, and outstrip even tracked vehicles in off road capability. In the woods a bike can get between the trees right under the densest canopy and travel along single track trails no wider than what a person or deer might walk, and wind between and, for the skilled enduro rider, Over! massive rocks and terrain that would rip a tank apart. Bikes preform uniquely well in mud, while the dual-sport bikers reading this are probably shuttering at memories of wrestling their bike up after a fall or stall in waste deep water, or their feet slipping about while trying to keep their bike balanced upright as they try to turn around on a trail… A fit guy can individually wrestle his bike out of spots professional teams would struggle to recover any larger vehicle from. With others to lend you a hand recovering even a heavy bike becomes fairly trivial.

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Pentagon Resurrects Vietnam Era Aircraft In Fight Against ISIS

From The Daily Beast:

Thirty years after Vietnam, the Pentagon again found itself fighting elusive insurgents in Afghanistan, Iraq and other war zones. It again turned to the OV-10 for help. In 2011, Central Command and Special Operations Command borrowed two former Marine Corps Broncos—from NASA or the State Department, apparently—and fitted them with new radios and weapons.

The OV-10s’ deployment is one of the latest examples of a remarkable phenomenon. The United States—and, to a lesser extent, Russia—has seized the opportunity afforded it by the aerial free-for-all over Iraq and Syria and other war zones to conduct live combat trials with new and upgraded warplanes, testing out the aircraft in potentially deadly conditions before committing to expensive manufacturing programs.

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American soldiers helped Iraqi troops repell major attack in Baghdad

Reporting from Baghdad —
“American soldiers helped Iraqi troops battle insurgents in downtown Baghdad on Sunday, repelling a major attack in the heart of the capital city five days after President Obama declared an end to U.S. combat operations.

At least 18 people were killed and 39 injured in the midday attack in which a group of suicide bombers and gunmen attempted to storm the Iraqi army’s headquarters for eastern Baghdad, located in a former Ministry of Defense building in a busy market district alongside the Tigris River.

No Americans were among the casualties, said military spokesman Lt Col. Eric Bloom.
“Soldiers living and working at Old MoD provided suppressive fire while IA [Iraqi army] soldiers located the two terrorists that entered the compound,” he said in an e-mail. The firefight lasted “a few minutes,” he said.”,0,6013303.story

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Alleged US missiles kill 12 in Pakistan

MIR ALI, Pakistan – Suspected U.S. missiles killed 12 people Saturday in a Pakistani tribal region filled with Islamist insurgents bent on pushing Western troops out of neighboring Afghanistan, intelligence officials said.;_ylt=AjAxzVvP5XaFyvyqDx0IZQ50fNdF

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