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Gun Safety From Joe Mantegna

From NRA:

The very first time I ever used a gun in my life occurred in 1976 during a firearms course where I had to learn how to handle a handgun so as to be authentic in a role I would be doing in a play.  It’s somehow fitting that my introduction to the shooting sports would start while doing research for the career I would have for the next 40 plus years and still counting.  I wound up owing a lot to show business in terms of expanding my interest in the shooting sports.

The most important aspect of it was that right from the beginning I was introduced to it by skilled professionals who first and foremost stressed the importance of safety and sensibility whenever dealing with firearms.  Since I work in a profession where the proliferation of all types of firearms are an intricate part of films and television programs, the importance of the armourer’s duties is paramount.

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Joe Mantegna Talks To NRA News

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