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Cincinnati School Teaching Gun Safety Class

From Bearing Arms:

Students in one Cincinnati charter school are learning those basics and going beyond, thanks to a decision to introduce real gun safety education to students. The DAMPE Community School uses Dance, Art, Music, and Physical Education as integral parts of the curriculum, and school principal Tonjarene Bronston has incorporated gun safety instruction into the school’s P.E. classes, telling a local television station that she and other educators can’t ignore the reality that many of their students are growing up in neighborhoods where violence is a common event.

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14 Things You Should Know About Guns Before Talking About Guns

From The Federalist:

There’s sadly no excuse to be ignorant about firearms. They’ve been around for hundreds of years. They’re owned and operated safely by tens of millions of Americans each year. Our Constitution guarantees our individual right to possess guns so that we might be able to defend ourselves from those who would violently take away our freedom. Many gun controllers, however — some of whom have bylines for major media organizations — don’t actually know the first thing about firearms.

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Education Is Power

From The Mercury News:

Do you want to reduce shootings? Educate. No young person I have ever known who has been taught proper gun safety and taught the seriousness of handling/owning a firearm has ever committed any criminal shooting. I teach Boy Scouts gun safety and marksmanship. Anyone is welcome to come when we have a class and I promise you will be impressed by how seriously Scouts as young as 11 take this.

Make firearms taboo and that is exactly what a young person will want to get their hands on.

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Journalism Primer on Guns

From Journalists Resource:

Guns are one of the most divisive topics in the United States, so it’s crucial for journalists to get the details right — down to the type and style of weapon being discussed.

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