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Bureaucrats Making Law, Not Congress

From The Truth About Guns:

Administrative agencies, like the ATF and EPA, are increasingly encouraged to write their own rules far beyond the scope that the law allows. Hence why you saw “bump stocks” banned without Congress acting, why you saw 7N6 ammunition disappear, why you saw foreign made semi-autos dry up. None of this came with the help of Congress. All of it came at the behest of the executive branch, headed up by none other than whoever was president at the time.

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Oregon Backs Down On Gun Control Bill

From Bearing Arms:

Democratic leaders in the Oregon Senate have agreed to give up high-profile bills on gun control and vaccines in exchange for the end of a Republican walkout.
Multiple sources in the state Senate say Democrats have agreed to kill the two bills this session as part of a deal with Republicans. The agreement was first reported by Willamette Week and is aimed at bringing Republican Senators back to the Capitol after they staged a four-day boycott last week.

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