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Armed Equality Group Disagrees With California Mag Ban

From The Truth About Guns:

Not every LGBT group agrees. One of which, California-based Armed Equality, filed its own brief in the case asking the court to let the ruling stand so that all armed individuals — regardless of orientation or gender — will have at their disposal all of the tools that are best suited to defend themselves and their families.
What’s more, Armed Equality has a few choice words for the three groups that are working so hard to keep LGBT people disarmed and vulnerable to the attacks they say are so often directed their way. Here’s Armed Equality’s open letter, originally published on their Facebook page and reprinted here with permission:

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2A Community Outreach

From The Truth About Guns:

Devon has been a proud member of the LGBT and 2A community for over thirty years and has been running Hillcrest Pawnbrokers for over 12 years. Right in the middle of Hillcrest in San Diego, they are well positioned to be the first contact for many of the LGBT community when it comes to approaching the idea of firearm ownership.

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Pink Pistols Chapters Increase

From LA Times:

Interest in the Pink Pistols has increased since the Orlando attack, with new chapters springing up across the country, including the West Hollywood chapter and another one in North Hollywood. There was such an outpouring of support from firearms trainers, many of them straight, that the Pink Pistols’ website now has a map listing LGBT-friendly firearms instructors in every state.

A fifth of the 5,462 single-bias hate crimes reported to the FBI in 2014, the most recent year for which data are available, were because of the victim’s sexual orientation or identity as a transgender or gender non-conforming person. That was higher than the number of religiously motivated hate crimes and surpassed only by racially motivated hate crimes. And, experts say, the number is disproportionate because of the relatively small size of the LGBT community.

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