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PIG Tactical Gloves

Review via The Loadout Room:

I went through a lot of gloves before I found the PIG Full Dexterity Tactical gloves. When I first started, I right away rejected any gloves that included special plastic or kevlar molded knuckle guards. I figured that while shooting in competition or training, or even in use on the street, having a hunk of plastic banging around and adding to the thickness of my hand would hinder more than help.  Stick to the basics. Very few of the gloves I tried out below the $50 price point did the basics well.

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Modern Warrior Lifestyle

From The Loadout Room:

Today the United States of America as a whole lives a completely different lifestyle than our forefathers. Now I could reference all kinds of differences between now and then but in this article I’m going to concentrate on one subject in particular. The subject that I’m referring to is a warrior lifestyle.

This is something that I feel we have moved away from as Americans. Make no mistake our country use to be a warrior culture. Our country was founded by warriors; men that took cold blued steel and fought to the death to build our nation. Their ideology was far from “lets not offend” or “we might hurt people’s feelings”, etc. etc.

Our founding fathers were rebellious and courageous. They were men of principals. Principals that they would give their lives to uphold. They were warriors in every sense of the word.

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