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Secretive SEALs Moonlight as Movie Stars, With Navy’s Blessing

From: Danger Room

“It was done by real dudes so it actually looks real and in a lot of cases is real,” writes Danger Room pal Jim “Uncle Jimbo” Hanson, a retired Army Special Forces Weapons non-commissioned officer, who got an early peek at the film and loved it. “One of the best examples is when a couple of fast boats come to exfil them from a hostage rescue and the boat guys light up some bad guys and their pick up trucks with miniguns. Almost too beautiful for words.”

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Creative Warriors?

Does being a warrior mean simply carrying out orders? Isn’t it true that, given even the most clear, straightforward orders and objectives, circumstances often force warriors to adapt their strategies on the spur of the moment? Is it possible that the most effective warriors  sometimes utilize ingenuity and creativity? Consider this: if, in it’s most basic form…

“To be creative requires divergent thinking (generating many unique ideas) and then convergent thinking (combining those ideas into the best result).”

Then wouldn’t a kind of pragmatic, real-world creativity be a major asset to a warrior? Creativity is often relegated to the realm of useless activity…like kindergarten finger-painting. Seems like our whole society could benefit from an improved focus on developing creativity – not as a touchy-feely group-hug-type activity, but as a discipline and skill for solving real-world problems and attaining significant objectives.

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The Modern Warrior Reading List

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