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“Combat Shotgun Shootout:” by nutnfancy, part 3, Mossberg 590

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“Combat Shotgun Shootout:” by nutnfancy, part 4, Mossberg 590A1

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Remington 870 or Mossberg 590? Which shotgun is best for you?

If you surf around gun forums you’ll see that “discussions” about “the best” shotgun can get pretty emotional. It’s like guys arguing about Fords or Chevys; not always objective.

Here’s a collection of observations by shotgun users that I found helpful, not just guys ranting, but helpful information that may make your decision a bit easier.

As always, understand this is opinion and anecdotal information, bear that in mind. We’re not making any claims on accuracy of info, just passing along some discussion.

(spelling and text formatting kept as it was on the forums)

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