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Open Carriers Arrested In Florida

From The Truth About Guns:

Last week, five members of the Oath Keepers were arrested in Mexico Beach, Florida for openly carrying firearms and violating Bay County’s curfew. As we have reported and informed for both Hurricane Michael and Hurricane Irma, general open carrying of firearms is verboten in the “gunshine state” (as it was once more aptly known) of Florida.

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State snatches baby when dad accused of being ‘Oath Keeper’

Johnathon Irish, fiancé and baby

“A 16-hour-old newborn was snatched from her parents by authorities in Concord, N.H., after social services workers alleged the father is a member of Oath Keepers.

The organization collects affirmations from soldiers and peace officers that they would refuse orders that violate the U.S. Constitution, in light of what they perceive as the advance of socialism in the U.S.

The father, Johnathon Irish, told WND that the affidavit signed by Child Protective Service worker Dana Bicford seeking government custody of newborn Cheyenne said the agency “became aware and confirmed that Mr. Irish associated with a militia known as the ‘Oath Keepers.'”

Irish, in an interview with WND, said officers and other social services workers ordered him to stand with his hands behind his back, frisked him and then took his daughter from him and his fiancé at Concord Hospital where the baby had been born.”


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