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What Happened At The Richmond Rally

From The Federalist:

I do not suspect this will be reported: A strong number of the folks carrying ARs also had medical or first aid kits on their persons. These were not individuals anticipating offensive action; these individuals were prepared to help.

Several distinct groups could be distinguished. A group from Pennsylvania sported signs that read, “Don’t VA PA.” Harsh, but fair. Texans carried the familiar “Come and take it” cannon flag. One gaggle carried the “An Appeal To Heaven” flag. The Pink Pistols, a national LGBT pro-gun group, was present, as was the African-American Black Guns Matter group. An untold number of signs reminded everyone that gun rights are women’s rights and that firearms are the great equalizers.

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Kill’em With Kindness

From Ammoland:

The “rabble” has officially been roused in the commonwealth of Virginia, and there is serious potential for things to get ugly.
We strongly urge defenders of gun rights to be calm and careful as they stand firm for their rights. The hyperbole has gotten heated and has been fed by extremists from both sides, making exaggerated claims, threats, and pronouncements.

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