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Heller Case Created A Dangerous Precedent

From The Federalist:

Cases challenging state bans on semi-automatic firearms have been appealed to the Supreme Court of the United States, and Democrats working toward civilian disarmament hope to prevail in part by characterizing semi-automatics as “dangerous and unusual” even when they are kept and borne in a peaceful manner, and even though they are owned by millions of Americans.

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Semi-auto Tax Proposed In CA. Can You Say Poll Tax?

From The Sacramento Bee:

A California lawmaker will push for a new tax on sales of semi-automatic firearms, with the proceeds going to support community violence prevention programs.

“The gun tax will support the kind of interventions that make gun violence less likely in the first place which is exactly what we need to do,” Assemblyman Marc Levine, D-Greenbrae, said in a statement Wednesday.

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Why Do You Need An AR-15?


David Schechter, a journalist for Dallas, Texas-based ABC affiliate WFAA-TV takes a look at the reasons to own an AR-15 as part of his Verify program, a news segment that takes viewers questions.

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Delaware Bans Semi-Autos For Hunting

From Gun Dynamics:

the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control last week poured cold water on that idea by announcing that only manually-operated rifles may be used such as lever-action, bolt-action, pump-action, single shot and revolver rifles.

This is an admission that semi-auto rifles were being used to hunt, when they said they weren’t. It appears the goal now is to ban them from hunting and then use that as an excuse the ban them everywhere.

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FN Producing Semi Auto M249 Para

From KitUp:

Here at SHOT Show’s annual industry day at the range, the company — the maker of the military’s M249 squad automatic weapon — introduced the M249S Para, a closed-bolt semi-automatic rifle that nonetheless retains the look and feel of the original, down to the belted ammunition. The gun, which features the collapsible buttstock first designed for parachute missions and special operations, follows FN’s M249S Standard, released last year.

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Civilian M249 From FNUSA


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Australian Semi Autos Replaced By Bolt Actions

This is where the gun control agenda leads.

From Australian Broadcasting Company:

More than 1 million guns were destroyed in the aftermath of the massacre, but research shows Australians have restocked over the past 10 years, importing more than 1 million firearms.

Professor Alpers says the guns that have been imported are not the semi-automatics that were banned after Port Arthur.

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