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Washington Post Advocates Disarming Americans

From National Review:

The other day, Karen Attiah, Global Opinions editor at the Washington Post, one of the largest and most prestigious newspapers in the world, reasoned that “if America were another country, we would be talking about how post-Civil War America is still in desperate need of a U.N.-sponsored Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration (DDR) program for white supremacists and segregationists.”

Well, perhaps “reasoned” is an overstatement. The idea, of course, is as preposterous as it is juvenile, but more seriously, it betrays a corrosive illiberalism and warped understanding of American life that’s infected so much of the Left these days.

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Heller Case Created A Dangerous Precedent

From The Federalist:

Cases challenging state bans on semi-automatic firearms have been appealed to the Supreme Court of the United States, and Democrats working toward civilian disarmament hope to prevail in part by characterizing semi-automatics as “dangerous and unusual” even when they are kept and borne in a peaceful manner, and even though they are owned by millions of Americans.

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Reid Henrichs On Disarmament

“The only reason that the Government wants to disarm you, is they intend to do something you would shoot them for.”
– Reid Henrichs

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Dhimmitude And Disarmament

Forthcoming article from David Kopel:

Under shari’a law, non-Muslims, known as dhimmi, have been forbidden to possess arms, and to defend themselves from attacks by Muslims. The disarmament is one aspect of the pervasive civil inferiority of non-Muslims, a status known as dhimmitude. This Essay examines the historical effects of the shari’a disarmament, based on three books by Bat Ye’or, the world’s leading scholar of dhimmitude. As Ye’or details, the disarmament had catastrophic consequences, extending far beyond the direct loss of the dhimmi’s ability to defend themselves. The essay concludes by observing how pretend gun-free zones on college campuses turn the adults there into 21st century dhimmi, unable to defend themselves against murderous predators.

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