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2014 Sniper Adventure Challenge Match

The match is set for Sept. 5-7 and you can sign up at Competition Dynamics.

The Sniper Adventure Challenge is a Tactical Adventure Race involving: land navigation; practical shooting with long-range rifle, carbine, and pistols; fieldcraft; problem solving; and other related tasks. Two-man teams will be required to navigate at least 25 miles on foot to complete the course. (“SPRINT” division will be at least 10 miles.) Along the way, there will be a series of tasks to accomplish to gain additional points. These tasks may include: shooting problems with long-range rifle, carbine, and pistols; problem-solving; physical challenges; fieldcraft; communication; target recognition; memory; and other tasks.

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Long Range Operators Challenge

The first Long Range Operators Challenge was held in early March in Washington.

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Pandemic 2012: Hornady’s Zombie Shoot

The competition is taking place June 30 – July 1 in Grand Island, Nebraska.

Sign up here.     You can purchase their Zombie MAX ammo here.

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Date of Match: Saturday 13 November, 2010

Sponsored by: The Rifle Team – Tarleton State University

Location: Tac Pro Shooting Center

35100 North State Highway 108

Mingus, Texas 76463-6405

GPS coordinates: 32° 26.13 N

98° 21.28 W

Entry Form

Competition open to: Any person eligible under CMP rules

Entry fee: $20.00 per match or $30.00 for both

Entries close: 9am

Match begins: 9:30am

Rules: CMP Competition Rules 2010 14th edition

Course of fire: CMP ‘A’ course; 30 rounds for record plus five sighting shots.

Awards: Certificates to all participants; special certificates to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in each match.

General: Please bring your own lunch, water and or soft drinks. Restrooms are located at the classroom building.

For more information

contact: George Eichenberg at 254-968-9031

T-0665 Tarleton Station

Stephenville, TX 76402

All proceeds go to support Rifle Team operations. The Rifle team is an extra-curricular student organization that does not receive funding from Tarleton State University.

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Marine’s Intramural 3-Gun

The U.S. Marines held the first intramural 3-gun competition in 2009.

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Blue Ridge Mountain 3-Gun

Blue Ridge Mountain Match

Sponsored by Sabre Defense

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LaRue Tactical 3 Gun Match

LaRue 3 Gun
LaRue logo

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Tac Pro Shooting Center 3 Gun Match

May 15, 2010

Three Gun Match [Members $60] $75.00  8am – 5pm  Google Map

Tac Pro Shooting Center
35100 North State Highway 108
Mingus, Texas 76463-6405
Tel: 254.968.3112
Fax 254.968.5857

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