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Highlights From AK Masters Match

From Palmetto State Armory:

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Varmints: Easy Hunting Intro


Varmint hunting teaches and perfects the basics like stalking, spotting, and firearm safety. Additionally, it’s a great way to put your gear to the test. Got a new budget-friendly scope, like a Redfield Rampage or Konus Konusport, you want to test out? Take it to the field. Getting started with some binoculars? Try those out on some unsuspecting groundhogs. Varmint hunting is an awesome and fun way to work on skills and solidify your gun and gear preferences.

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Gun Ban Would Decimate Wildlife Conservation

From The Federalist:

Almost $1 billion each year goes to state wildlife and natural resource agencies courtesy of checks written by firearms, ammunition, and related manufacturers. It is the result of an 11 percent excise tax on firearms, ammunition, and related goods known as Pittman-Robertson, or the Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Act of 1937.

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