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New Cartridge: 375 Raptor

From The Truth About Guns:

Arne Brennan, creator of 6.5 Grendel and other cartridges, designed 375 Raptor in a quest to do for 308 Winchester what 300 Blackout did for .223 Remington. Namely, neck it up to run larger, heavier bullets that deliver both supersonic and subsonic performance in a cartridge that’s efficient from a short barrel, suppresses well, and runs reliably in all the same platforms as its parent cartridge does.

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Reporter’s Gun Ignorance On Display

From The Federalist:

A Washington Post report on firearm suppressors published over the weekend wildly misrepresented a YouTube video showcasing the sound-suppressing effects of a .22 LR rifle suppressor. The YouTube video formed the basis of Washington Post reporter Mike Rosenwald’s inaccurate conclusion that suppressors can make “high-powered rifles” nearly silent.

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Bill Alexander Talks Pros and Cons of 300 BLK

Short interview with Bill Alexander of Alexander Arms:

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.300 Blackout Ammo Comparison

Over at The Truth About Guns they have a nice rundown of some popular .300 Blackout loads with graphs, as well as cost comparisons and how the round stacks up against .308 and .223 loads.

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