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Georgia Bill Would Allow Armed Uber/Lyft Drivers

From Bearing Arms:

It’s an issue that shouldn’t be an issue, truth be told. No company should bar their employees from carrying a firearm if it’s legal for them to do so, yet plenty of them do.
Ridesharing, however, is particularly egregious because you’re using your property for work purposes.

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Uber Driver Defends Self From Armed Man

From The Daily Wire:

On Tuesday morning, a Florida Uber driver who is a trainee policeman shot and killed a man who mistakenly thought his girlfriend was in the back of the Uber and forced the Uber driver to a stop, then approached the Uber driver, shouting, “I’ve got a pistol. Do you want me to shoot you?”’

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No Guns in Uber Cars?

From Shotgun News:

Uber has forbidden all its supposed free-agent drivers to carry guns or to pick up anyone with a gun. So Uber gets to tell you how you may protect yourself (prayer, maybe?) and restricts you from carrying a whole class of passengers.

In concealed carry states no one is supposed to know/see that you have a gun so how would this be enforced? Quick answer: it can’t. It won’t be long now before criminals start targeting Uber cars to rob driver and passenger.

Update: I called it.


On Wednesday, an Uber driver in Queens was robbed by a man who allegedly got in his car, pointed a rifle at him, and demanded his money.



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