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James Yeager Volunteers For Ukraine Fight, Believes He Has ALS

From Warrior Poet Society:

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The Real World Demonstration of Why Gun Rights Are Human Rights

From The Federalist:

The world is captivated by Ukraine’s resistance to Russian invasion, especially since much of Ukraine’s resistance comes from ordinary citizens taking up arms in defense of their homeland.

Ukraine has a fighting chance in part because it has taken dramatic steps to provide its people firearms. More than 25,000 automatic rifles and 10 million rounds of ammunition have been distributed to volunteers in Kyiv.

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Senator Obama Led Effort For Ukraine To Disarm


Elected in November 2004 to the seat held by U.S. Sen. Peter Fitzgerald, Obama’s banner freshman effort on Capitol Hill was to expand the Nunn – Lugar Cooperative Threat Reduction concept – a disarmament program that destroyed Ukraine’s 1,240 nuclear warheads – to include conventional weapons like artillery, small arms, and tanks. As part of the move, Obama traveled to Eastern Europe just eight months after taking office, accompanying U.S. Sen. Dick Lugar to meet with Ukrainian officials about destroying their guns with America picking up the tab. 

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Learning The Wrong Lesson. For Gun Haters, Gun Control Can Solve Anything.

From The Press Herald:

But how do we start a debate about global gun control to put pressure on someone like Putin to stop waging wars on innocent people?

….everyone everywhere should start talking about demilitarizing the world, or guns will undoubtedly kill many more millions in many more cities.

Gun control will not stop tyrants. What stops tyrants is a citizenry that is armed and trained in those arms. When every citizen is a possible combatant/insurgent that makes tyrants and despots think twice about controlling their own people or invading another people. To prevent more atrocities we need gun proliferation across the world. Everyone on this planet should know how to use a gun even if they don’t like them. Knowledge is power and knowing how to use a gun is even more powerful.

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