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Rifle Dynamics: How To Field Strip An AK

From Rifle Dynamics:

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Raven Concealment TopStop for ARs

The Top Stop is a cover to keep your charging handle and bolt carrier group from falling out when your upper receiver is separated from the lower.

Raven Concealment TopStop

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Rifle Cleaning Tips

National Shooting Sports Foundation

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AR-15 Cleaning and Maintenance

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Bushmaster Cleaning System

From Tactical Wire:

Windham, ME – Bushmaster Firearms International, LLC, proudly announces the new Bushmaster Bore Squeeg-ETM Cleaning System – an innovative breakthrough in the gun cleaning market. The only system offered today with the patented Bore Squeeg-E.

The Bore Squeeg-E Cleaning System offers the best and most effective system to clean the chamber/bore of any firearm. It enables the user to quickly clean a firearm faster than any other system. The system eliminates the use of ineffective patches and reduces the need for metal bore brushes.

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