Bilbray: Rewarding Lawbreaking Sends the Wrong Message

Rep. Brian Bilbray, the Chair of the House Immigration Caucus, is one of the best spokesmen for the cause of immigration sanity because he grasps the psychology of the issue to wannabes.

Bilbray understands that as long as Washington rewards the behavior of illegal immigration, the foreigners will continue to come any way they can. Whenever news arrives in rural Mexican villages that another amnesty is proposed, hope is further renewed that America is still not serious about border and workplace enforcement, even during the worst jobs depression since the 1930s.

So the job thieves keep coming.

Why shouldn’t they? They are rarely punished and routinely rewarded with employment and free-to-them social services. In addition, the Raza tribe and others have a gaggle of well funded advocates, from lawyers to professional loudmouths the liberal media love to quote.

The principle of behavior modification through feedback is not rocket science, and is well known to effective parents and teachers. As Sen. Chuck Grassley succinctly remarked about an earlier illegal alien amnesty, “If you reward illegality, you get more of it.“

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