Poll: Immigration Reform -Should America Follow Arizona’s Lead?

In a poll by Personal Liberty Digest, with 496,550 people (with a clearly conservative Republican background) having voted at this time, the following results were gathered:

1) Should America follow Arizona’s lead when it comes to immigration reform?
96% voted: Yes
3% voted: No
0% voted: Undecided

2) Do you believe illegal immigrants take jobs U.S. citizens want?
84% voted: Yes
10% voted: No
5% voted: Undecided

3) Do you feel being asked for proof of citizenship is a violation of your civil rights?
4% voted: Yes
94% voted: No
1% voted: Undecided

4) Would you like to see your state pass a similar immigration law?
92% voted: Yes
3% voted: No
0% voted: Undecided
3% voted: I live in Arizona

5) For whom did you vote in the 2008 presidential election
9% voted: Obama/Biden
79% voted: McCain/Palin
12% voted: Other



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