Capt. Emily Naslund, USMC

Emily Naslund in Iraq

Emily Naslund in Iraq

Capt. Emily Naslund, the commander of the Female Engagement Team posted this to a Minnesota running blog back in 2008 when she was a 1st Lt. and deployed to Iraq

My job title is 1st Platoon Commander, Truck Company, I MEF Headquarters Group, I Marine Expeditionary Force. How’s that for a mouth full? I’m stationed at Camp Fallujah, Iraq which is located about 3km (or as we call it 3 clicks) east of the city of Fallujah, and about 24 clicks west of Baghdad International Airport.

I have 37 Marines under my charge and our mission is to conduct tactical logistics convoys all over Al Anbar Province to deliver supplies such as ammo, food, water, fuel, etc. – and for the Air Force Bases, ice cream. I have run well over 100 convoys, traveling around 17,000 miles on the Main Supply Routes of Iraq.

We are here on a year-long deployment, but since we showed up as the advance party, and are leaving with the last wave, my time spent in Iraq will be 13 month and 2 days by the time we leave. When I return home I plan on first sleeping for a week straight – waking up only to eat American (non-chow hall) food. Then, hopefully I will start training for a deployment to Afghanistan.

My Marines are amazing, hard-working, and genuine people who continue to amaze me on a daily basis. Please keep them in your prayers. This year has been hard on them, but they still have challenges coming up. Getting adjusted back to life in the civilian world will be difficult and will take some time.

Thanks again for the support and Semper Fi,
1stLt Emily Naslund
“Top Gun”


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