HS-4 Black Knights in Japan

Helicopter AntiSubmarine Squadron 4

Helicopter AntiSubmarine Squadron 4 Nadia Brouillette, a Navy helicopter pilot of the USS Ronald Reagan (CVN76), presents a teddy bear to a baby during “Operation Tomodachi“ to deliver supply to the evacuees in an earthquake and tsunami devastated area in Kesennuma, Miyagi Prefecture in Japan.


Helicopter AntiSubmarine Squadron 4

Japanese citizens unload food and water from a Navy helicopter off of the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan, which is providing humanitarian assistance to quake-devastated parts of Japan


When United States Navy helicopters swept down on the school in a ruined Japanese village, survivors first looked hesitantly from the windows. Then they rushed out, helping unload food, water and clothes. They clasped hands with the Americans. Some embraced them.

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