AK Mod: Left Side Upper Charging system

Upper Charging system for Kalashnikov Rifles

This item replaces the original gas tube with a new one that contains a new charging handle and slide. The new charging handle protrudes from the left side directly over the forearm of the rifle at the perfect angle to allow for easier and less troublesome charging. With a slight force in the upward direction from the operator the bolt assembly can be locked out of battery and away from the chamber.


• Non- reciprocating charging handle in a natural location
• Trouble free installation, no gun smithing required
• Faster reloading due to less hand manipulation
• Allows operator to keep firing hand on grip
• Much easier to operate when firing prone and/or around obstacles (i.e., car doors, windows, etc.)
• Quicker cooling on gas system.
• Eliminates all exterior moving parts (when existing handle is removed)

Here are just a few advantages over their older left side systems.

• its non-reciprocating
• its not going back and forth near your face
• you can use your side rail for optics and still use the charging handle
• its in a better location where as the operator naturally puts his/her hand on the forearm instead of bringing it back closer to the body and the face.
• you don’t have to worry about slapping yourself in the face while charging
• it doesn’t open up your receiver to dirt and debris getting in on your critical trigger parts
• It won’t blow gas in your face
• Quicker Cooling on gas system
• 100% reliable, you can throw sand all through it and it will still run
• you don’t have to replace your whole bolt assembly/top cover, and/or wait to send yours in for the modification
• You won’t lose site picture from having a handle in your field of view
• Built from 100% milled parts, not stamped sheet metal
• Fits 47s, 74s, and Saiga rifles


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