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American Made AK47s From Century Arms

From American Rifleman:

One such company that has been working to provide its customers with 100-percent American-made AKs for a while now is Century Arms. Among these offerings is the affordably priced Red Army Standard RAS47, a name that gives a nod back to the Cold War-era Soviet Union. which made the AKs one of the most ubiquitous small arms in modern history. This version of the rifle is modeled after the original Kalashnikov design with an eye toward reliability and a fair price.

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Kalashnikov Unveils New Rifle

From Russia Today:

The new rifle is fitted with an up-to-date trigger and firing mechanism, and is compatible with 7.62×54mm and 7.62×51mm shells, as well as with “advanced new ammunition currently developed by the Izhmash design-engineering center specialists,” the statement issued by the Izhevsk Machinebuilding Plant (Izhmash) said on Monday.

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AK Mod: Left Side Upper Charging system

Upper Charging system for Kalashnikov Rifles

This item replaces the original gas tube with a new one that contains a new charging handle and slide. The new charging handle protrudes from the left side directly over the forearm of the rifle at the perfect angle to allow for easier and less troublesome charging. With a slight force in the upward direction from the operator the bolt assembly can be locked out of battery and away from the chamber.


• Non- reciprocating charging handle in a natural location
• Trouble free installation, no gun smithing required
• Faster reloading due to less hand manipulation
• Allows operator to keep firing hand on grip
• Much easier to operate when firing prone and/or around obstacles (i.e., car doors, windows, etc.)
• Quicker cooling on gas system.
• Eliminates all exterior moving parts (when existing handle is removed)

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Centurion 39 Sporter Rifle

Century Arms

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