Obama Bans First Navy Jack From Navy Uniforms

From The Daily Caller:

The email, dated October 22, reads:


WARCOM and GROUP TWO/ONE have pushed out the uniform policy for NWU III and any patches worn on the sleeve.

All personnel are only authorized to wear the matching “AOR” American Flag patch on the right shoulder.  You are no longer authorized to wear the “Don’t Tread On Me” patch.

Again the only patch authorized for wear is the American flag on the right shoulder. Please pass the word to all


Senior Enlisted Advisor

[Name Redacted]

I think it is obvious that because the First Navy Jack has the phrase “Don’t Tread On Me” which is used by those politically opposed to the administration, the administration has decided to ban the First Navy Jack from uniforms. Never mind the fact that as of Sept. 11, 2002 all Navy ships are to fly the First Navy Jack. Where is the directive to reverse that decision? And what about soldiers, seamen or marines who have the phrase tattooed on their body?

First Navy Jack:

Gadsden Flag:

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