Yazidi Women Fighting ISIS

From Breach Bang Clear:

Hêza is a Yezidi (Êzidî), a small (and shrinking) ethnic group that has been the focus of such ISIS barbarity over the last three years that a measurable portion of its population has been exterminated or completely displaced. Most Yezidi males encountered by ISIS are killed, regardless of age. Those captured are tortured and killed. Yezidi women — also regardless of age — are sold and traded as sex slaves.

Hêza was captured in August of 2014 after the siege of Mt. Sinjar. She was a slave to Daesh masters (or “gangs” of Daesh) for over two years, attempting suicide by poison at least twice, but eventually escaped and joined the YJŞ. The YJŞ is an all-female, all-Yezidi unit, which is currently fighting in Raqqa.

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