Judge Abridges First Amendment

From Washington Free Beacon:

“Judge Lasnik’s ruling involves some of the most amazing legal acrobatics I’ve ever seen,” Alan Gottlieb, founder of the group, told the Free Beacon. “He has accepted the plaintiffs’ claim that the CAD files are only available on the so-called ‘Dark Web,’ but that’s not at all accurate. The files are available on the normal Internet, and now, thanks to the court, they are available by links in the court record. It is particularly disturbing that Judge Lasnik admitted that the court has decided to not fully explore all the issues because of its limited record, while presuming that we have a First Amendment right to disseminate the CAD files. Then he caps it off by saying that our First Amendment right is only abridged, but not abrogated. That’s like saying the government is only stepping on your neck, they haven’t completely crushed your windpipe.”

“If this case had to do with anything besides guns, we all know that the court would stop this nonsense in a heartbeat and we wouldn’t even be talking about it,” he told the Free Beacon. But because this involves publishing information about guns, suddenly the First Amendment is being treated differently, because the Second Amendment is somehow involved.”

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