JB Herren On The Shooting In Vancouver, WA

From JB Herren at Old School Gun School:

Reliable information can be difficult to find.  Here is an update on the November 26th shooting outside an elementary school in Vancouver, WA.

A husband and father, with a history of domestic violence, shot his estranged wife and her mother as they sat parked outside a Vancouver, WA elementary school, after loading their three children into the car.  The wife was pronounced dead, and her mother was shot three times, but is expected to recover.  All three children witnessed the shooting.  The children were not physically injured.

No one in the busy parking lot at the school rushed to the sounds of gunfire to stop the killer. Some took pictures with their smart phones. 

Nobody wanted to get involved.  Nobody shot back.  The killer carried out his assault with safety, freedom and confidence.

There was an active Restraining Order between the children’s mother and the killer, and he had a history of violating such Restraining Orders.

Law Enforcement discovered that the shooter had placed a GPS tracking device to the fuel tank of his (estranged) wife’s car.  He attended a court appearance regarding this and was charged with stalking.  Bail was set at $250,000 but a motion for an electronic monitoring device was denied.  He was able to post the bail, and he was set free.

A “Danger Assessment” showed the following: “the victim is at extreme risk of being killed by the defendant”.

Court orders and the threat of further imprisonment did not inhibit the killer’s deadly plan.  It appears he was willing to forfeit his own life, in order to murder his wife and attempt to murder her mother.  The killer really had no viable means of escape.  In the end, when cornered by Law Enforcement, he took his own life with the same gun he had used at the school shootings.

The killer was a law-breaker.  He was a Felon.  No additional, or more stringent laws, would have influenced his assault.  The actions he took were already illegal. Making them “illegal-er” would not have changed the outcome.

What COULD have changed the outcome of this tragedy?

Our opinions and conclusions will follow shortly …

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