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Supreme Court Takes Restraining Order Case

From Ammoland:

The Supreme Court, on the last day available this session, June 30, 2023, agreed to hear a Second Amendment case, United States v. Rahimi.

This is not good news for Second Amendment supporters, but it is also not terrible news. It signals a willingness in the Court to tolerate some Biden administration resistance to recognizing Second Amendment rights as put forward in the Bruen decision last year.

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JB Herren On The Shooting In Vancouver, WA

From JB Herren at Old School Gun School:

Reliable information can be difficult to find.  Here is an update on the November 26th shooting outside an elementary school in Vancouver, WA.

A husband and father, with a history of domestic violence, shot his estranged wife and her mother as they sat parked outside a Vancouver, WA elementary school, after loading their three children into the car.  The wife was pronounced dead, and her mother was shot three times, but is expected to recover.  All three children witnessed the shooting.  The children were not physically injured.

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