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Cartels Offer $47,000 Bounty For Identity Of Twitter User

From La Politica Es La Politica:

Due to the self-imposed silence of the media, and even of the government and police, for many citizens to follow the Twitter account of @ValorTamaulipas is the only way for them to know if and where a shooting might be taking place, as well as what roads are secure, and in what areas people have met with violence or been “disappeared”.

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Hezbollah Agents Entering Central America

Odd story from The Register about John McAffe playing covert agent:

The eccentric millionaire hatched the scheme after a crack Belizean cop squad raided one of his properties, shot one his dogs and seized hundreds of thousands of dollars in kit. The Gang Suppression Unit was searching for a supposed meth lab and guns but found nothing. No charges were brought but the incident put the founder of antivirus biz McAfee Inc at loggerheads with the authorities.

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In Mexico, Central American Immigrants are a business worth $3 billion dollars per year

Coffins containing the remains of 72 immigrants massacred in Tamaulipas. (AP)

“Immigrants are a business worth $3 billion dollars per year, which is divided up amongst the criminal cartels and corrupt police forces, both in the US and in Mexico. To cross to the other side they pay between $4,000 and $15,000 dollars.

Often, it is only the principle of martyrdom that drives the “American dream,” which has already been achieved by (in addition to tens of millions of Mexicans) a million Hondurans, two million Salvadorans, and three million Guatemalans who send about $10 billion dollars in cash remittances to their families in their countries of origin every year.

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