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NSA has Laid the Foundation for a Police State

From: MIT

… by eavesdropping on all Americans, they’re building the technical infrastructure for a police state.

We’re not there yet, but already we’ve learned that both the DEA and the IRS use NSA surveillance data in prosecutions and then lie about it in court. Power without accountability or oversight is dangerous to society at a very fundamental level.


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Computer Virus: Reveton Ransomware

Reveton Ransomware

A new Internet virus is holding computers hostage across the United States and beyond.
– FBI, This Week

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New Malware Goes After Financial Information

CNET reports on the new Gauss malware tool:

Gauss has unique characteristics relative to other malware. Kaspersky said it found Gauss following the discovery of Flame. The International Telecommunications Union has started an effort to identify emerging cyberthreats and mitigate them before they spread.

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Google Approves an App that Steals All Your Data

From: MIT

Google’s automated “Bouncer” for apps, which should prevent harmful mobile software from appearing in the company’s app store, appears to have serious blind spots. The system repeatedly scanned but let pass an app that stealthily steals personal data such as photos and contacts, reported two researchers from computer security company Trustwave at the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas yesterday.

Nicolas Percoco and Sean Schulte are members of Trustwave’s “ethical hacking” research group, known as SpiderLabs, and they created the app to probe Google’s ability to vet the software uploaded to its app store. The pair said the results shows that Google needs to improve both its app-scanning system and its Android operating system.

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Everyone Has Been Hacked. Now What?

From; Threat Level

On Apr. 7, 2011, five days before Microsoft patched a critical zero-day vulnerability in Internet Explorer that had been publicly disclosed three months earlier on a security mailing list, unknown attackers launched a spear-phishing attack against workers at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee. More

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

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