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Thinking About Guns As A Virus Can Help Gun Culture

From Open Source Defense:

If someone’s exposed to guns, they’re statistically almost certain to be exposed to positive uses. So the only pro-immunity option is to not let them be exposed at all. Which is how people end up promoting ideas like “We can’t let kids have Nerf guns that are too much fun.”

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Citadel Malware Program

Citadel Malware Continues to Deliver Reveton Ransomware in Attempts to Extort Money

Aug. 17, 2012
– San Diego

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Computer Virus: Reveton Ransomware

Reveton Ransomware

A new Internet virus is holding computers hostage across the United States and beyond.
– FBI, This Week

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Scam Claims to be Message from FBI

There is a new “drive-by” virus on the Internet, and it often carries a fake message—and fine—purportedly from the FBI.


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