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The Powers That Be Are Trying Everything To Stop Defense Distributed

From Lawfare Blog:

Cody Wilson’s legal battle to post his plastic gun schematic is awful, pitting speech values against human lives, raising the specter of more mass shootings, and casting a dark shadow on what should be the bright new technology of 3-D printing. In times like these, it’s tempting to wish that a few magic words could make the schematic—and all its legal and moral baggage—simply disappear.

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Gun Rights Blog Sued for Infringement

From: WorldNetDaily

A popular blog that has kept citizens abreast of how Americans successfully defend themselves from crime by being armed has been suspended while its organizers deal with a copyright infringement claim from a newspaper, the blog itself has announced.

David Burnett said in a statement his Armed Citizen site is closed for now, and its future will depend on what happens in the case.

The site was targeted in a federal court lawsuit filed by Righthaven LLC, which apparently is working on behalf of the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

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